Our Pastor's Message

“O, wind, if Winter comes can Spring be far behind?”

 (Percy Shelley)



Well February’s here and we’re settling in for a few more months of winter. We’ve been blessed so far I think – the snowstorms have been few and we’ve even seen sunny, warmish days. That’s good because I find as I get older, my tolerance for the cold gets lower!  Being warm and bundled up is much more fun than being out in the cold. Maybe you find the same. 

The good news, as the English writer Shelley summed it up nicely in the quote above is: after winter can spring be far behind?  The seasons bring their good and bad with them. Winter is cold, snowy or rainy, icy, and stormy. Yet, what’s more lovely than a nice snow fall that covers everything around us, leaving our world looking fresh and clean (for a few days at least...LOL)?  Still we look forward to spring as a time of renewal and revival. 

What has lain dormant comes back to life and hope springs eternal!  We thank God for the seasons that bring change to our surroundings. The pattern of the ever changing seasons reminds me of God’s power to revive and renew all of creation, including ourselves, at different stages of our lives.

Life can sometimes feel like winter: cold, joyless and a struggle as we experience our challenges.  But after that time of winter can spring renewal be far behind? It’s a blessing to know that in each circumstance, good or bad, God is there to comfort and get us through intact.  Our personal winter seasons teach us to call on God to bring us hope for tomorrow. Let’s be thankful for the steadfast hand of God who moves our lives from season to season in the newness of life.


I hope by God’s grace that we’ll see each other at church!



Pastor Carole




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